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Discover Sarnath: A Journey into the Heart of Buddhist Civilisation in India

Sarnath Travel Guide: Exploring the Heart of Buddhist Civilization in India Sarnath, situated just 13 kilometers northeast of Varanasi, is a significant destination for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and wanting to delve into the rich history of Buddhism. Known as the place where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon after attaining enlightenment, Sarnath holds immense […]

Sarnath: Unraveling the Tranquil Oasis Amidst the Bustling Chaos of India

Buddhist pilgrimage site Sarnath is a renowned Buddhist pilgrimage site located near the city of Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It holds immense religious significance as it was here that Lord Buddha preached his first sermon after attaining enlightenment in Bodh Gaya. This sacred destination attracts millions of Buddhist devotees and spiritual […]

Discover the Cultural Treasures of Sarnath, India: Unveiling the Gems near our AirBNB – The Roma Home Stay

India Travel Tips India, a land of rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions, is a dream destination for many travelers. From its vibrant festivals to its historical monuments, this country offers a plethora of experiences for tourists to indulge in. If you’re planning a trip to India, here are some essential travel tips to ensure […]